For Claudia, with Gratitude

Published by carolineclaramie

I am a 43 year old mom of three. I have been raising my kids by myself for nearly 10 years. They are and always will be my first priority, but this blog is about me. And you. My goal is to share to heal myself and in that process I hope to help others do the same.

5 thoughts on “For Claudia, with Gratitude

  1. Oh wow. I love this so much. You and Claudia have inspired me to give it a try. As soon as things open back up, I will have my eye on the library here for their clearing out sale. I remember Claudia noting that large text books were a real coup. Thanks again for this nifty poem.


    1. Choosing the words at random turned out to be absolutely prophetic. I was shocked. I really could not believe what I chose without any intent ended up forming a poem completely applicable to my life.


  2. Thank you for this, it has lifted my spirits and helps me feel I exist (sounds weird, but sometimes these days I am wondering a little). I hope you know what I mean. Anyway. I love what you have written. A whole journey is laid out with a sense of momentum, and ends hopeful. I especially like the part from “Gaining” as it builds up to the end.

    And on a practical note, how did you like the snippets method, I would like to hear what you thought.

    Happy Thursday. Thank you.


    1. I am so happy that this made your day. I mean you’re really saying something major. Although, I do know what you mean. The snippets method is basically like a tarot card reading which for me means it’s absolutely amazing. I picked random books that I no longer needed of all different genres. I gave myself a limit of like less than 30 words. I picked them with zero intent in mind, just stopped on words that stuck out to me. So this morning when I went to organize them I was freaking blown away by what surfaced. Not what I came up with but what the words came up with. Did you come up with this?

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      1. I had to think about this to figure out how it works for me. Usually I pick out the random phrases and words, as you did. Sometimes I don’t even really check them. When I lay them out on the table to start to work that is when certain ones “light up” as I think of it. Or random pairings do the same. I set them aside. Then others seem to join them, sticking out from the herd. I tend to think in pictures and colors or feelings, not words, so the words are kind of reflecting what is in my head at the moment in that they touch the nerve and evoke feelings or whatever. I also tend to want to make a story, so it is natural to me that their arrangements take that shape. I don’t ever force anything and I am, like you, aware and some times surprised by the slant or direction of what the snippets come up with. Even if a person reads one and it seems a straightforward statement or whatever, to me there is always the underlying emotion or color or whatever that I know even if the reader does not. This is why I like doing them. They reveal. So I guess it is in a little different process than yours but the same result. A message for ourselves.

        I also make cards where I line up totally random chosen phrases (you may have seen some recently on Marathon posts) and I write something from those, in the order they came, adding my own words as the phrases evoke them, and it is like you say, a message emerges to myself, even if it sounds like a story or whatever to someone else. And sometimes, just the random phrases, no editing, no adding, they are straightforward scary meaningful images or ideas that really strike me. I don’t usually do anything with those but I do keep the card for a while at least.

        Hope this answers. I read it over and it sounds very airy. Oh well. The point is, I am glad you liked the process. It is powerful in ways you would not expect, to the open mind ready to listen, I think.


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