The Unknowing Reach of Hate

You shut up.

You sound just like your father.

Do you want to be like him?

No you shut up.

Don’t fucking talk to me.

I hate you.

She stands tall and threatening in the mother’s face.

That’s enough.

Do you want to be like your mother?

You act just like her.

You’re right that is enough. Fuck you.

I’m outta here.

You’re such an asshole.

She nearly misses the father’s face and punches through a glass window.

She is twelve.

She hopes to never be like either one of them.

Misery seeps from their skin and lives in their blank stares.

Do they think their misery is unseen or that the hate just cuts through each other?

Think again.

Published by carolineclaramie

I am a 43 year old mom of three. I have been raising my kids by myself for nearly 10 years. They are and always will be my first priority, but this blog is about me. And you. My goal is to share to heal myself and in that process I hope to help others do the same.

One thought on “The Unknowing Reach of Hate

  1. Wow. Nobody I’ve ever read can stare down the truth like you can. I’ve got the shakes; this one went like an arrow straight to my heart. I am in awe of your talent and courage.


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